Last Couple Standing Expansion Bundle

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You had a ball with the original game... Imagine adding more spicy questions to the mix! This bundle includes all NEW questions we thought you couldn't handle.



Need more questions? Need spicier questions? Or what about some questions that will give a reason to take another shot?

Well, we got you covered! Mix these cards into your main game to give it a new spin. This bundle includes all NEW questions we thought you couldn't handle.

Clearly, you're ready! 

What's Included


  • "The Drinking Game" Pack - You asked for it so here's 54 more ways to get slur face. Pluck a drinking card every time a couple gets stumped. This pack includes a mix of cards. Some will make you drink. And others will have you telling "blame it on the alcohol" moments.
  • "So, You Want More Questions?" Pack - 108 more questions to mix into the base game.
  • "NSFW" Pack - 54 new questions not appropriate for the work place or any place for that matter. Mix these cards into the base game to satisfy your hunger for more heat.


Where can I buy Last Couple Standing?

The game is currently only available for sale on and


How long is shipping?

We ship daily. But there is an 8 hour delay before your order is processed to allow for address corrections and other changes to your order. Usually, you'll get your game in 3-5 days.


Do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the world. Shipping rates will apply.


I’m in Atlanta can I pick up my game?

Unfortunately we don't have a retail location for pick up.


Is the game for couples only?

Yes and no. The main game is made for multiple couples to play against each other. But we do offer the "Quarantine Pack" as a free gift when you buy today. It's 54 much tamer questions for one on one play. You can also convert the main game questions for one on one but, ya'll better be rock solid for that.