Last Couple Standing Card Game Complete Bundle

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This bundle includes the base game of Last Couple Standing as well as the Not Safe For Work, So You Want More Questions and Drinking Pack expansions!


Let's be clear, Last Couple Standing is NOT about truth, it's a game of submission. Ask your friends wild ass questions about their relationship. You'll be cracking-up laughing while your friends are tapping-out! The couple that tells the most will survive and win!


  • To play, you and your partner team up against other couples.
  • Couples are eliminated when they fail to answer questions ranging from mild to wild.
  • The Last Couple Standing wins the game!


​Fun for any relationship status; married, engaged, or just kickin' it.


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What's Included


  • Over 180+ hilarious questions
  • Printed on premium poker sized cards with a smooth linen finish. Shrink wrapped in a custom box.
  • 20 second sand timer
  • Instructions booklet
  • So You Want More Questions Expansion: 108 more questions to mix into the base game.
  • NSFW Expansion: 54 new questions not appropriate for the work place or any place for that matter. Mix these cards into the base game to satisfy your hunger for more heat.
  • Drinking Expansion: You asked for it so here's 54 more ways to get slur face. Pluck a drinking card every time a couple gets stumped. This pack includes a mix of cards. Some will make you drink. And others will have you telling "blame it on the alcohol" moments.


Where can I buy Last Couple Standing?

Well you can't buy it on Amazon that's for sure (probably the most asked question). Online you can only buy it here on this site. You can also find it exclusively at Citizen Supply in Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA.


How long is shipping?

We ship daily. But there is an 8 hour delay before your order is processed to allow for address corrections and other changes to your order. Usually, you'll get your game in 3-5 days.


Do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the world. Shipping rates will apply.


I’m in Atlanta can I pick up my game?

Currently you can grab a game from Citizen Supply in Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA. We're working on other retail locations so keep a look out for that news.


Is the game for couples only?

Yes and no. The main game is made for multiple couples to play against each other. But we do offer the "Quarantine Pack" as a free gift when you buy today. It's 54 much tamer questions for one on one play. You can also convert the main game questions for one on one but, ya'll better be rock solid for that.